Welcome to the Project Echelon Wiki -Edit

Welcome to the wiki. I'm glad that you took your time to come and read about my series. Go to Story line to read about the episodes and find more about O'Brian and his squad.

Telling little details of my series -Edit

My series is basically a fan made series created by me Niome Lee. Go to Story to read Storyline and upcomming events and new stories that unfold and tell the tail of O'Brian.

  • A female marine named Kelly who follows the main antagonist.
  • George a fellow marine who's drop pod was caught in the collision you soon meet up with him in another episode.
  • (You)O'Brian wearing a standard Military suit with a air filter built inside your suit to keep harmful chemical out.
  • Venus III system filled with manly Blue suns (A couple of red and orange suns)
  • Insurrectionist militia filled with all ranks 1-100
Here are some pictures of O'Brian squad members that survived the ship crash.

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